Post 6

Bonus Slots Update: Post #6

I have received many e-mails inquiring about playing bonus versions that I review online. I can save you a lot of time and search engine browsing in that none of these bonus slots are licensed for online gaming. Land based casinos are the only locations at this time that these games are placed and played (say that 10 times fast).

I will definitely spread the word if that changes for online players. Post #6 follows.

1)Double Bucks: The 'scale' symbol wild subs for all except scatter pays which is a coin symbol. The bouncing coin sets off the free game mode. Dependent on your original line bet, your free spins begin and triple all jackpots in the 9 line version. Double-Double your gaming leisure fun.

2)Roamin' Rhinos: Look for the Black Rhino symbol to sub in this poker-style game. Land two or more of these on any of the lit lines, freeze, then the remaining reel is spun five times picking up jackpots along the way for a 'hefty' bonus win. Great graphics and music assist in the hunt.

3) Black Rhino: Another version that expands the African theme offering nine paylines. The Black Rhino is still the symbol to watch for, however a scatter-pay 'mask' symbol has been added to your slot safari.

4) Multi-Jackpot: Lots of wild multipliers from Sigma. Throw in wild symbols of 2X, 3X and 5X pay numbering three of each. Payouts are as follows: one of any symbol returns your bet, two with a blank pays 2-1 and three mixed wild symbols pay 300 coins. Multipliers kick in when accompanied by single, double, triple bars and/or 7's. The 2X, 5X, triple bar can produce a win of 630 coins. At the top of the bonus tree are two 5X symbols, bar and/or 7 = 125 X base jackpot. The motherlode of three 5X pays 37,500 coins with max of 3 coins played. This game puts the multi in multiplier games with multi payouts. Got your attention, multitude?

5) Three's a Charm: Bally sets up their popular Blazing 7's here. If you land three winning combos in a row, the jackpot for the third win is multiplied by 10.

The first coin buys bars, second coin buys 7's and the top jackpot is a 'blazing' 10,000 coins for Three's a Charm. The high hit frequency in this game, sights and sounds and opportunity to stay in the game longer is the real 'charm' of this simple slot.

6) Betty Boop's Love Meter: Remember Bell Ringer with the 'test your strength' theme, well now sexy Betty sits at the top of the box with her sultry boop-boops cheering for a bonus win. A wild horse symbol mixes with 7's to trigger a bonus round. Keep your eye on the lights flashing as you climb the love meter. Are you huggable, steamy, a volcano or a top winning inferno--whoa lover you've just picked up a bonus win.

That's all folks, boop, boop-e-doo.