Post 5

Bonus Slots Update: Post #5

Let's begin another expedition for newer bonus slots. You will find Double Diamond 2000, the update of an all-time favorite slot among the versions in this latest post.

1) Richard Petty's Driving Experience: Of course, there are racing symbols--checkered flags, pit-stop tools and race cars. Petty's car landing anywhere in the pay window sends you to the bonus round. Revving engines and Charlotte raceway is the scene awaiting your eight choices of inside or outside to make a pass. Each time you make that pass you are upping the multiplier and upon completion, you are awarded top bonus of 500 X bet or 22,500 coins max. Roarrrr.

2) Double Diamond 2000: Bring on the old with a new twist. Wild symbols that multiply into more money, more paylines and symbols of diamonds, jewelry, bundles of cash, and shiny baubles. Double Diamond wild doubles the jackpot, two for quad and three for eight times. Five dancing jewel boxes prompts a bonus round for a player's choice of 15 jewel boxes. Locate the double diamond in one of five picks and you are in for a sixth pick plus all amounts double. The scatter-pay feature is a jeweler and there is an award high of 4500 coins.

You will find this latest updated, classic IGT version in most casinos.

3) Monkey Business: A noticeable slots display on the casino floor; it is surrounded by a jungle, palm trees and bubbling water encased in transparent trunks and striking signs. Animated movies up top and on your screen add to your playing fun. Toss in a bonus multiplier wheel with 2X-25X pay amounts, three monkey icons and one 'Witch Doctor' waiting to set off the bonus game. A second chance bonus round occurs when you land two monkeys at which time you are offered a spin to get that third monkey--the name of the game here. Other cash awards await as you make your choices on the 16 spot game grid. Just watch out for the Witch Doctor who will end your bonus round before you can get on with more Monkey Business.

4) Family Feud: Three version series: a) standard 9-line game, b) multideck VideoPoker game and c) a video re-spin slot plus film clips featuring Richard Dawson and Louis Anderson atop the display. The latter is the most popular where the player can have their picture taken and watch their play on the game screen--transported to the TV show stage. Introductions all around including the opposing family, sound, applause, cheers and 'Let's Play the Feud'. Once you stop the answer button within the top four answers, your reward is tallied up on the credit meter. That 'On-Air Bonus' is truly defined here--have fun at The Feud.

5) Ride to Riches: Wild symbol on each of three reels results in frequent bonuses and re-spins. One wild pays 2-1 and that's the least of your winnings in this generous game where over one third of the pays are 15 coins+ for mixed bar and wild symbols. Certainly a winning ride.

On that note, I am riding out of here until our next expedition trekking through the bonus slot jungle.

More 'newbies' are also featured in each issue of the Slots Report.