Post 4

Bonus Slots Update: Post #4

It's a steady, but enjoyable, task to keep up with the slot manufacturers and their continuing parade of bonus slots maneuvering for space on the casino floors. Therefore, in the next few weeks, I will be reviewing many of these 'newbies' in a flow of Updates to keep up with this current slots trend. Here goes #4.

1) King Putt: Nine paylines for this round of miniature golf. 'King-Putt', the top jackpot symbol activates the two bonus rounds. Three or more of these symbols produce an instant bonus round and bonus amount as per the player's choice. Second-screen bonus starts up with three 'castles' and a mini-golf course scene. Putt your way through multipliers, bonus amounts to a potential 'Castle Bonus' of 13,500. Fore!

2) Money to Burn: First bonus when fireman's helmet, jacket and boots aline will pay ten times the total bet. With a hit frequency of every 1-2 spins, you have a good opportunity to be around for the second bonus. Get a combo of three fire alarm bells to open up to a burning building and three fire trucks numbered to correspond to three floors of the building with six flaming windows each. Choose which windows have the fire extinguisher, if correct, move on to next floor collecting multiplying bonuses. Not only are you 'putting fires out', but you reap the 'hot bucks' too.

3) Payout: A feast of colors for the eyes in this bonus-rich fruit, bar and 7's version. The 'Payout Bonus' symbol activates the bonus game. 'Match and Win' spins that are completed freeze the action until a spin stop at which time bonus bucks are calculated as per schedule. 'Line 'Em Up' bonus event begins with the player's selection in a sequence of--column, then freeze, then another column, freeze--until three of the same appear up, down or across. Another round begins and the bonus win rises to a well-deserved Payout!

4) Titanic: No sinking feeling here, on the contrary, this is upscale elegance of a classic slot. Sights of diamond jewelry, deck chairs, White Star logo, mystical music and the dreaded iceberg. Line up three sections of the 'big ship' for the top jackpot of 10,000 coins. Seven combinations and specific symbol payouts offer better than average wins and hit frequency. A storied ship encased in a better-than-basic slot.

5) Texas Tea: Black Gold - Oil that is. Greet Texas Ted, Armadillo from Amarillo, yellow rose, Cadillac and a Texas bull. Five Texas state symbols pays the 'big strike'. Three derrick symbols sends the game into shakes, shivers, gushing oil and finally the outline of Texas. With the help of Texas Ted, you plant the oil derrick(s) and watch the gushing returns. After three Texas Ted appearances, he invites you into his office and sends an 'Oil Dividend' check your way. A second 'striking reason' to play this game.

6) Trucks and Bucks: Rev up those Monster Trucks--throw in automotive, desert symbols, scatter-pay checkered flag and wild 'winner's cup'. Races are started with three scattered truck symbols anywhere or three lined up left to right (better pay). Choose your racer, start your engines, check multipliers and collect at the finish line.

I passed along this information in Slots Report #11 but it bears repeating here.

On the top of slots are lights or candles that signify the denomination of the slot. Nickels=Red, Quarters=Yellow, 50c=Gold and $1=Blue. This should help immensely during slot expeditions.

More 'newbies' are also featured in each issue of the Slots Report.