Post 3

Bonus Slots Update: Post #3

2001 has arrived, my Fellow Slot Players.

Along with a minted new year, let's bring on some minted bonus slots for you to explore in 'minted surroundings', otherwise known as the casino.

1) Diamond Blazing 7's: As with other Blazing 7's, there is a multitude of 7 combos activated by the second coin. With 3 coin versions, you get higher top jackpots, but try the 2 coin to stretch your bankroll. There are six possible jackpot combos paying 100 coins+. Three Blazing 7's=top jackpot. Although there are no wild symbols, there are lots of 'fired up' 7's in win combinations.

2) Run for Your Money Deluxe: Start with five times play, wild symbol, multiplying jackpots of 5X or 25X and there's more. Top bonus wheel=circles of cash-back numbers and a pointer getting larger with each inner ring toward the middle 1000 coins. Third reel sporting the 'Coin Man' takes you to this 'inner circle' of $$ treats. Remember to watch for 'Deluxe' versions of any bonus slot for bigger pays.

3) RWB Racing 7's: Based on the basic Red, White and Blue 7's but with higher hits. Bonus screen shows one red, one white and one blue 7 corresponding to each reel; then every 7 landing on that particular reel moves that selected 7 closer to the finish line. When total of 30 spaces is completed, a winner is determined and bonus amount added. Revvving to go with this slot!

4) Silver Moon: Nine-line, wild and free game mode are featured. As named, the Silver Moon is wild and scatter pay of dolphins can allow for as many as ten free games with triple jackpots. All play is under the light of the Silver Moon. Beam me down some jackpots!

5) Hot, Hot, Hot: Shades of the Caribbean with the familiar song and an Island paradise luring you with 'pearl', 'starfish' and 'seahorse' symbols. Select your spin button from the first, third and fifth reels, for when a pearl appears on the reel chosen, it activates the diver swimming after your precious bonus win. Treasure chest bonus amounts are awarded as you make your selection in another bonus event. Three starfish trigger three divers who race for extra bucks and keep you hummin' Hot, Hot, Hot -- yeah!

6) Gopher Cash: This is a golfer's dream slot, 'fore' when a 'score card' symbol appears on the third reel, you multiply your win by 2X, 3X or 5X.

Next round--the 'gopher' symbol on the first and fifth reel tees you up for the Gopher Cash Bonus Round. Nine golf balls with a frog and eight bonus amounts appear. If you pick the frog first, you move down the green to the Double Pay Bonus round; pick the same again on the first try, and you've just scored a Quadruple pay and a 'hole-in-one' style win.

The expedition to locate these slots should keep you 'on-the-hunt' until the next Bonus Slots Post. A reminder to my fellow slots players -- Be sure to sign up for the next issue of the Slots Report for lots o' slots information.