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Bonus Slots Update: Post #2

We continue to advise readers about the latest multi-line slot models via BVS Update Posts.This is the second in a series of updates to assist slot players' decision-making before tackling the 'bonus slots' front at their favorite casinos.

1) Money Maze: standard reel play activates a creepy video creature known as a gargoyle through the maze as dictated by number of reel gargoyle symbol(s) on payline and number of coins wagered. Maximum bet is three coins and when the gargoyle appears, player must press spin button to determine which way figure moves. Stopping on a square with circled letter pays same as nearby number, but when highlighted bonus amount increases, Gargoyle then returns to initial position. This is a detailed game, so you may require the assistance of the Help Menu to take you 'thru the maze'.

2) Ducks in a Row: poker symbols are thrown together with five different types of ducks for a graphically rich playground vying for slot players' attention--nine-line, five reel with a possible maximum bet of 225 coins. I'm happy to report that the top jackpot lines up five of the 'female' ducks, while 'Lucky Dog', 'Duke Duck' and 'Joker Turtle' are wild also--more frequent and lesser pays, however. Three 'Wild Coins' counts as a scatter symbol for an extra reward. The name of this game is to get 'all your ducks in a row' for the top jackpot.

3) Jester: remember the court jester of the king's castle? He's here--the Jester symbol on the third reel of this slot triggers a top-box spin of 1-4 or 4-12 extra wins depending on coins played.

You won't 'play the fool' with this game.

4) Pinball Deluxe: the wild symbol triples the jackpot in winning line-ups and pays 9x the jackpot if two wild symbols appear on the payline. Top jackpot is 3 wild symbols. While checking the top box of the machine, notice eight bonus buckets with a range of bonus coins plus a bonus chamber with slots marked--10, 50, 250 and 1000 coins. A nice feature for those players on a limited budget is that less than max coins can be played, however each coin will determine how many turns at the pinball game you get; e.g. 1 coin= 1 turn, 2=2 turns, 3=3 turns, etc. Watch the bouncing pinball as it moves upward towards the bonus chamber, dropping at your bonus payout, thus providing all the fun you remember from watching The Pinball Wizard.

5) Triple Red, White & Blue: this version wears you out with 17 possible winners that include combos of 7's -- mixed, red, white and blue. A nice jackpot is red, white and blue 7's in a row. The Triple Wild symbol is the multiplier with one=3x, two=9x and three as top dog prize in this generous game. For those players who like the roller-coaster ride of a game with payouts that can bring on the profits many times over, step right up.

We will return soon with more newer multi-line versions for you to explore.