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Bonus Slots Update: Post #1

Slot enthusiasts know that bonus multi-line slot numbers are growing daily into an impressive, expanding line of newer models. At and with each issue of the Slots Report newsletter, we review and notify our readers as to what features, strategies and jackpot opportunities to look out for within the explosive bonus slots world.

To date, over 4000 versions have been reviewed and archived at We plan to continue introducing the latest models and advising our readers via a BVS Update Post format at least once per month or more depending on volume. Therefore, this is the first in a series of posted updates in an ongoing effort to inform and assist slot players' decisions before tackling the 'bonus slots' game at their favorite casinos.

Let's get started:

1) Blazing 7 Doubles: all these versions are brought to you by Bally and this one offers a 'double jackpot wild symbol' payout of 10,000 coins for three in a row. One of these symbols will double and two=4x payout. The secondary jackpot of three Blazing 7's will net you 1000 coins and middle jackpots are nice change. I cannot stress enough that this game must be played with max. coins; case in point, max or 3 coins payouts= 94% payback, while one coin a measly 87% payback--big difference.

2) Blazing 7 Times Pay: Bally's has expanded on this version with a 7X pay wild symbol. One such wild symbol will pay 7 times the jackpot, but how about 2 wild symbols for a great big 49x pay! And, 3 wild symbols=top jackpot of 10,000 for 2 coin max or 20,000 for 3 coin max. This is an example of spending one more coin for a better payday. With a hit frequency of every 6-7 spins, I will be leaving basic Blazing 7's slots behind.

3) Merlin: This was the original version of this bonus slot and featured the magician moving towards a castle 70 ft away and a timer ticking away. Each bet moves the player closer via the Advance symbol. Watch for an unfinished bonus round of 35 ft completed, time left, and play the maximum bet within these parameters and let the 'magic' begin.

4) Shopping Spree: A Shoppers' dream (did someone call my name?). Credits are accumulated on three standard reels. Upon reaching 50 points, there is a bonus award. Savvy players will look for 30+ points and play 2 credits/line.

5) Star Bucks: Retro space theme, third reel of the primary slot sets off the bonus game in space for extra multiplied winnings. Mr. Spock, are you there?

6) Spacequest: More outer-space play where a set time must be overcome to arrive 'faster than the speed of light'. Triggered by the 'UP' symbol, the astronaut player ascends with the intent of landing at the first bonus level of 70 lightyears. Betting max coins after reaching this level is advised. Houston, we have a winner.

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